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Korean Barbecue


Zenwich offers a refreshing approach to culinary refinement by embracing simplicity and open-mindedness. The concept of borderless cuisine in a fast-casual setting aligns with the idea of denial of ego, focusing on the essence of flavors rather than culinary excess.

The menu offerings, including toasted Ciabatta sandwiches, Asian rice paper wraps, and red Quinoa bowl salad, demonstrate a commitment to simplicity while embracing diverse ingredients and flavors from across cultures. The inclusion of five protein choices, with the option for a tofu swap for vegetarians, ensures inclusivity and accessibility for all dietary preferences.

The emphasis on sustainability in ingredient sourcing further reflects Zenwich's commitment to mindful consumption and environmental consciousness. 

The convenience of online ordering directly from our website or via the kiosk at the counter enhances the customer experience, allowing for seamless transactions and easy access to delicious and mindful meals without interrupting the process. Additionally, the loyalty program adds value for returning customers, providing incentives and rewards for continued patronage.


Thank you for visiting.

Chai Ploentham

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